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Laser Protection

In an era where technological advancements shape the course of warfare and protection of life in the battlefield, lasers have emerged as a widespread and common threat to e.g. airplanes, armored fighting vehicles (AFVs) and dismounted soldiers.

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Laser Protection in the Field

Decades of Field Experience in Laser Protection for Military Applications

We specialize in provide cutting-edge laser protection solutions tailored for military applications and we have a deep understand the unique challenges posed by users.

In contemporary warfare, lasers serve diverse purposes, from range finding to target designation and directed energy weapons. As laser technology evolves, so does the need for effective protective measures. The deployment of lasers in the battlefield poses a substantial threat, causing damage to optics, sensors and endangering human eyes.

AFVs are critical assets on the modern battlefield and safeguarding them from laser threats is paramount. G&H contributes with battlefield-proven solutions and countermeasure technologies in the following applications:

  • Sighting systems: filters for protection of military vehicle personnel from high-powered lasers used on today's complex battlefields.
  • Electro-optical protection measures (EOPM): filters for sensor protection in advanced military infrared and day cameras, as well as sighting systems
  • Soldier laser protection: filters for protection of soldiers from harmful laser light and enhancing visual performance in the field.

Dismounted soldiers face unique challenges, operating outside the confines of heavily armored vehicles. G&H coating capabilities and optical products aim to increase safety through advanced personal protective equipment (PPE) in applications, including:

  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) shielding: reduce detectability and increasing immunity of electronic systems to external interference.
  • Night vision equipment: image intensification and thermal imaging
  • Helmet-mounted displays (HMDs): situational awareness and digital target tracking

G&H continuously work to ensure the safety and effectiveness of armed forces in an increasingly complex and dynamic security landscape by delivering cutting edge photonic solutions. The fighting team's safety and success in the face of modern battlefield continuously drives our R&D efforts to allow us to stay at the forefront of what is possible.

We design and manufacture a range of advanced periscopes and electro-optic assisted sighting systems for armored fighting vehicles (AFVs) such as battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, and armored personnel carriers.

Trusted for decades by AFV integrators and suppliers of major sub-systems worldwide, our G&H | Kent range of vision systems for AFVs is recognized as the leading brand for observation driving aids and sighting systems.

We are a global leader in the supply of laser protection filters, essential components designed to safeguard military personnel from high-powered battlefield lasers. Over 250,000 of our filters are currently used by military personnel and are in use on globally recognized military vehicles, including the Abrams tank, the family of Stryker vehicles, Challenger 2, and VBCI. This extensive deployment underlines the confidence placed in our laser protection safety filters, which are trusted to shield military personnel operating in the most challenging of circumstances.

Our line of G&H | Artemis laser protection filters are accredited by the US Tank Command (TACOM) for supplying to MIL-DTL-62422-AT standard, and they are ITAR compliant, meeting stringent U.S. Government safety requirements.

At G&H, we strive to remain at the forefront of knowledge and innovation in the evolving battlespace. The modern battlefield has transformed into a laser-rich environment, where lasers are employed for a myriad of tactical purposes such as range finding, designating, scanning, and countermeasures. However, with this technological advancement comes a new threat; the risk to all battlefield optics and optical sensors.

G&H has taken a proactive approach to address the laser threat by developing a range of laser protection filter solutions. These filters are meticulously designed to counter both legacy and current threats, emanating from both enemy and peer forces. Our filters are designed for deployment in a range of equipment, including:

  • Day and thermal imaging cameras, protecting the optical sensor from laser dazzle or burnout.
  • Night vision equipment, maintaining the advantage provided by this equipment, from lasers which can negate it.
  • Armored vehicle periscopes, protecting the eyes of AFV/MBT commanders, gunners and drivers.
  • Dismounted soldier optics, providing both laser and retro protection, allowing them to stay in the fight.

Our journey in laser protection solutions is deeply rooted in over 25 years of experience. This know-how has led us to create filters that have evolved alongside the changing dynamics of the battlespace. Through extensive interaction with the end-user community, we have refined and improved our products to meet the ever-growing challenges presented by a modern enemy.

One of our key principles is to strike the perfect balance between maximal desired protection and Integrated Visual Photopic or Scotopic Transmission. We don't just recognize the importance of the technology; we understand how it will be used in real-world scenarios. Our solutions are not only technically advanced but also consider the human factors at play.

Having shipped over 250,000 of our filter types, our solutions are trusted and in use on various platforms, including the ABRAMS M1A2, Stryker family of vehicles, and Challenger 2. As one of only two companies globally accredited to supply these filters to the US Tank Command, we take pride in our commitment to the mission success of our war fighters and allies.

Whether commanding an Armored Fighting Vehicle (AFV) or leading a troop of soldiers, our laser protection filters ensure that they not only survive the laser threat but continue to engage and succeed in the fight. At G&H our mission is aligned with the safety and success of those who serve on the front lines, and our laser protection solutions play a pivotal role in achieving that mission.

Our solutions for laser protection in A&D includes:

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