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G&H introduces updates to its high-capacity transoceanic solutions portfolio at OFC 2024


G&H, a leading global provider of optics and photonics solutions, will present its updated fiber optics portfolio at the 2024 OFC exhibition. Taking place between March 26th and 28th, 2024 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, CA, the exhibition highlights emerging technology for optical communications and networking professionals. Alongside its legacy fiber optics components and modules such as the ruggedized couplers (HI REL range) or the single-mode fused fiber couplers (SM couplers), other high-reliability solutions are on the horizon to meet the growing demand for subsea communication performance.

99% of today’s telecommunication runs through an intricate underwater framework[1], with the latest submarine project, the 2Africa subsea cable, crossing over 45,000 km of length[2]. The most pressing challenge currently affecting telecom companies lies in the aptitude to manage higher data capacity demands through a same-size infrastructural space, while maintaining power efficiency and reliability. As such, technology miniaturization for subsea data systems becomes an industrial priority. G&H is rising to the occasion at OFC 2024 to meet such client demands with two new solutions: the high reliability 4x4 coupler and the CO-pack or co-packaged coupler.

“Through this new technology, we are able to reach the same data transfer efficiency while reducing the amount and size of components which go into the same amplifier configuration. After a sustained period of testing and qualification, the end result looks highly promising. It ticks the two most important boxes in this current challenge: performance and design. We are looking forward to connecting with interested parties and answering any questions coming from their side about these latest G&H developments.” - Toby Woodbridge, Product Manager, G&H

Fiber-Optic Couplers (Hi Rel and SM) product imageFiber-Optic Couplers (Hi Rel and SM) product image©️ G&H

To meet both the standardized hardware criteria of the submarine cable environment and the technological demand for more data bandwidth, G&H tackled the component housing issue by reducing the space inside the amplifier design through innovative patterning. At the same time, throughout the product development stage, the company has been capitalizing on its fiber optics heritage with an unbroken record of zero infield failures for over 20 years of submarine fiber optical technology delivery.

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Join the fiber optics discussions with the G&H team at OFC 2024 by visiting booth #1519.
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