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Vertigo project laser communications © Thales Alenia Space© Thales Alenia Space

VERTIGO project leverages G&H's cutting-edge amplifier technology for high-power optical data transmission


G&H, a leading manufacturer and supplier of advanced photonic components and subsystems, is proud to announce its participation in successful very high power optical communication demonstrations as part of the VERTIGO project led by Thales Alenia Space that coincided with the conclusion of the project. In these demonstrations a single C-band 25Gbps channel was amplified to power of 97W, through the coherent combination of state-of-the-art G&H high power (50W) optical amplifiers.

The VERTIGO project demonstrates concepts to allow a significant capacity increase of feeder links using optical technologies, paving the way towards very high throughput satellite systems. The project addressed key enabling technologies such as high optical power generation, high efficiency waveforms, and atmospheric impairments mitigation.

Matt Welch, G&H Chief Engineer, Fiber Optic SystemsMatt Welch, G&H Chief Engineer, Fiber Optic Systems©️ G&H

The successful demonstration achieved a record-breaking optical power of 97W, opening the way to >100W-class transmissions of a single optical carrier. The demonstration not only showed high and very high optical power generation but also proved the possibility to transmit telecom signals at very high power while maintaining data integrity, a necessary condition for use in free-space optical links over long distances.

"We are thrilled that our team in Torquay, UK was able to contribute their expertise and technology to the VERTIGO project, which represents a significant milestone in the development of future geostationary communication satellites using optical feeder links," said Matthew Welch, Chief Engineer, Fibre Optic Systems of G&H. "G&H is proud to be part of this innovative project, which has the potential to be revolutionary and increase broadband connectivity to people worldwide."

Following the successful demonstration of the VERTIGO project, the next step will be to target a full-scale coherent laser link between a geostationary satellite and a ground station. These next-generation satellite systems will play a key role in bridging the digital divide and offering better broadband connectivity for all.

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