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Fiber-Optic Couplers (Hi Rel and SM) product image

HI-REL PM Low Ratio Tap Coupler

For PM low ratio tap coupling at wavelengths between 1450–1620 nm in harsh environments such as undersea and space, where the costs of component replacement are prohibitive.

Full Product Description
Operating wavelength:
1450 nm – 1620 nm ³
Optical power handling:
4 W
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Product description

Our fused PM low ratio tap, taps-off low power from a signal path whilst maintaining polarization through the component. Our proprietary PM manufacturing technology provides tap ratios as low as 0.01% with ultra-low loss and high polarization extinction ratio.

Using our proven fused biconical taper process, our HI REL capability is built upon the foundation of the long-established manufacturing history of very reliable terrestrial components.

The ultra-low loss of our fused fiber components helps to promote low noise and improved system margin in undersea transmission systems.

Full facilities are available to perform customer-specific HI REL qualification programs, which can consist of accelerated aging and Weibull analysis. Our design standard is 0.1 FITs, meaning failure-free operation for one billion field hours.

Manufacturing is carried out on specially-developed workstations, and advanced fiber management, in-process screening, and customer-specific validation tests are implemented, to further enhance component reliability. Components are supplied in regular or custom housings, depending upon the installation environment.

Key features

  • High polarization extinction ratio (PER)
  • High Power Handling
  • Low loss
  • Design standard 0.1 FITs (failure in one billion field hours)


Signal PER (polarization extinction ratio)> 20 dB ²
Return loss> 55 dB ⁴
Operating wavelength1450 nm – 1620 nm ³
Optical power handling4 W
Fiber typeNufern PM14XX C-A ⁶

Variable specifications

Coupling ratio0.01% 0.1%1%5%10%
Tap insertion loss ¹36 - 44 dB27 - 33 dB 18.2 - 23 dB11.9 - 14.9 dB8.86 - 11.85 dB
Signal insertion loss ¹0.3 dB(Typ <0.1 dB)0.3 dB(Typ <0.1 dB)0.37 dB0.6 dB 0.9 dB

¹ All specifications are for operation on fast axis at center wavelength, room temperature, SOL (start of life) and no guard banding.
² Tap path not specified for PER
³ Center wavelength selected from within the available wavelength range supplied.
⁴ Return loss is the ratio of power launched to power reflected for port P1. Directivity for the 2x2 component is the ratio of power launched to P1 to the power reflected to P4. Guaranteed by design.
⁵ Fiber and taper proof tested during build to confirm strength.
⁶ Other fiber options available, contact G&H Sales.

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