Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics

G&H’s line of active and passive fiber optic components and modules offer the performance and reliability required for some of the most demanding and challenging applications in the world. Our designs have been qualified and deployed in space applications and are widely used in terrestrial and submarine telecommunications systems. We support customers through all aspects of system development, lending our expertise in integration of end-to-end fiber optic systems and design for harsh environments. From custom packaging of semiconductor devices to fiber optic assemblies and fused biconical tapering, we have developed best in class design and manufacturing techniques to optimize performance and reliability.
Integration of fiber optic components into an all-fiber optical system allows the optical path to remain closed, eliminating the risk of contamination with dust or organic materials that may reduce lifetime and power handling. The use of fusion splicing to mate components simplifies alignment and reduces loss by eliminating air-to-glass interfaces. Optical efficiency is also improved through the use of fused fiber components, which use coupling between fused, tapered fiber cores rather than optical mirrors to achieve very precise beam combining and splitting. We have been developing and refining our proprietary processes in the fusion and tapering process since 1985. We offer a suite of single-mode and polarization-maintaining fiber components, from wavelength splitters and combiners to attenuators, taps, and Wavelength Division Multiplexers (WDMs). G&H is a well-established provider of fused fiber couplers in land-based and undersea telecommunications systems, due to our ability to provide Our active components include fiber-coupled pump lasers, DFB lasers and modules, high speed detectors, and acousto-optic modulators. G&H single-mode and multi-mode pump lasers are known for their high power output, low noise, and ruggedized design, and have been deployed in aerospace and space mission applications. Our expertise in hermetic sealing and packaging and sub-micron alignment of active fiber optic components for extreme environments ensures rock-solid optical performance. Our DFB lasers deliver highly precise tunable output in 7-pin and 14-pin configurations, with optional TEC cooling. Our photodetectors allow accurate monitoring of power levels in all-fiber systems with >20 GHz bandwidth from 1280-1620 nm. The Fiber-Q® series of high extinction ratio, low loss fiber optic modulators complete our line of high performance, rugged fiber optic components. Our plug-and-play high reliability fiber amplifiers feature aerospace-ready designs at a variety of integration levels. These can be tailored for applications in satellite laser communications, optical inter-satellite links, and deep space probes. Fiber optic modules designed by G&H offer drop-in manufacturing solutions. Module manufacturing is supported a vertically integrated supply chain of fiber optic components and expert design engineering services. We develop custom modules for biomedical instrumentation, fiber laser systems, LIDAR, sensing, interferometry, and telecommunications.

Fiber optic product families

Fused Fiber Optic Components

Fused fiber couplers, taps, and multimode pump combiners for visible and NIR wavelengths; single-mode and polarization maintaining fiber.

Fiber Coupled AOM (Fiber-Q®)

High performance, robust fiber coupled acousto-optic modulators; single-mode and polarization maintaining fiber.

Fiber Optic Assemblies

Customized all-fiber assemblies integrating passive and/or active optical components to provide higher functionality in a compact footprint.

Fiber-coupled Pump Lasers

High power, ruggedized single-mode and multi-mode fiber coupled lasers with up to 700 mW output power.

High Speed Detectors

Photodetectors with ripple free, linear response from DC to 20 GHz for the 1280-1620 nm spectral range.

DFB Lasers & Modules

Integrated OEM packaged lasers with narrow linewidth, tunable output for C-band, L-band, 1310 nm, or 1064 nm.

Benchtop Laser Controller

User-friendly USB or touch-pad interface for control of single-mode and DFB diode lasers.

High Reliability Fused Fiber Optic Components

High Reliability tap couplers, pump signal WDMs, and high power pump combiners for integration and operation in undersea communications networks and harsh space flight environments.

High Reliability Booster Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier

High Reliability Booster Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier: EDFA and EDYFA modules for integration and operation in harsh and space flight environments.

OCT Components and Subsystems

G&H enables fiber optic OCT systems with the high-performance fused fiber components, assemblies, and spectrometers needed to achieve high-resolution imaging.

DFB Lasers and Modules

High Power and High Bandwidth DFB lasers in ruggedized butterfly packages.

Fiber-Coupled Pump Lasers (SM and MM Pumps)

High power, single-mode fiber coupled lasers up to 700mW power ex-fiber

High Speed Detectors

Ripple free, linear response from DC to 20GHz for the 1280-1620nm spectral range

Benchtop Laser Controllers

Benchtop controller with USB or touch-pad interface control of DFB or SM lasers.

Fused Fiber Optic Components

The highest performance fused fiber optic couplers and high power combiners

High Reliability Fused Fiber Optic Components

HI REL fused fiber optic components for environments such as undersea and space

G&H planar waveguide circuit (PLC)

Planar Lightwave Circuits

G&H planar lightwave circuits for power combining or splitting in a single plane

OCT Components and Subsystems

High quality optical components and optical sub-systems for biomedical imaging

High Reliability Optical Fiber Amplifiers

Amplifier modules for use in harsh and space flight environment.

Fiber Optic Assemblies

Components integrated to provide higher functionality in a compact footprint