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AOFS 4040-191

For use in the 633–1064 nm wavelength range, at an operating frequency of 40 MHz with an active aperture of 2x6 mm.

Full Product Description
780 nm
Operating Frequency:
40 MHz
Active Aperture:
2 x 6 mm
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Product description

This frequency shifter is optimized to achieve a high extinction ratio between modes and is made using TeO2 that is grown and polished in-house, for the lowest insertion loss and excellent power handling.

Key features

  • Low insertion loss
  • Excellent power handling
  • High extinction ratio between modes


Wavelength780 nm
AO mediumTeO2
Operating Frequency40 MHz
Active Aperture2 x 6 mm
Acoustic modeShear, Off- Axis
Acoustic velocity660 m/sec ± 1%
Input polarizationLinear, Vertical
Output polarizationLinear, Horizontal
Insertion loss< 3%
RF bandwidth1 MHz
RF power0.1 W
Diffraction efficiencyMin: 50%
VSWR< 2.0:1