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I-M050-10C11V41-P3-GH75 product image


For use at the wavelength of 9.4 μm, at an operating frequency of 40 or 60 MHz with a rise time of 120 ns/mm, and an active aperture up to 9.6 mm.

Full Product Description
9.4 µm
Operating Frequency:
40 MHz, 60 MHz
Active Aperture:
9.6 mm
Rise/Fall Time:
120 ns/mm
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Product description

Combining optimum grade mono-crystalline germanium, high-quality optical finishing, robust anti-reflection (AR) coating, and high-reliability transducer bonding, with novel acoustic management and optomechanical design techniques, we have successfully achieved exceptional thermal management whilst maintaining high RF power handling, transmission, and diffraction efficiency.

This modulator is specifically designed for use in dual channel 9.4 µm PCB via drilling systems.

Key features

  • High optical power handling
  • Low insertion loss
  • Excellent pointing stability
  • Superior beam quality
  • High diffraction efficiency


Wavelength9.4 µm
Operating Frequency40 MHz, 60 MHz
Active Aperture9.6 mm
Rise/Fall Time120 ns/mm
Optical materialGermanium
Maximum optical power density> 15 W/mm²
AR coating reflectivity< 0.2% per surface
Transmission> 96.5%
Optical polarizationLinear, Horizontal (parallel to base)
Acoustic modeCompressional
Water connector6 mm OD straight push fit
Diffraction efficiency≥ 90%
RF powerMax: 120 W (Total)
HousingRefer to drawing
Recommended RF DriverHP040-060-150ADG-A10-2X