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HP040-060-150ADG-A10-2X RF driver product image


With an operating frequency of 5 MHz, a 2-channel 150 W output into a 50-ohm load, and analog and digital modulation.

Full Product Description
Operating Frequency:
5 MHz
RF output power:
Max: > 75 W CW per channel (adjustable) *, Adjustment range: < 1 … >75 Watt per channel
Maximum modulation frequency:
Amplitude – digital and analogue: 1 MHz, Drive frequency: 5 MHz
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Product description

The Hp040-060-150adG-a10-2x driver provides up to 150 Watt combined output power and is designed to drive dual-frequency germanium acousto-optic modulators.

The driver can be operated with modulation frequencies (analog and digital) up to 1mHz for RF amplitude control and up to 5 MHz for drive frequency control.

Water cooling parts made from copper ensure the highest standards for corrosion protection.

Optimum EMC shielding and mechanical protection is achieved by an aluminium casing and conductive surface passivation.

Key features

  • Combined RF output power up to 150 Watt
  • Constant output power design
  • High SWR and overheat safety shutdown
  • Copper cooling parts
  • Compact casing
  • Fully shielded (EMC)


Operating Frequency5 MHz
Supply voltage+24 VDC
Supply currentTyp: 15 A @ 150 W RF output power
Number of channels2
RF output powerMax: > 75 W CW per channel (adjustable) *, Adjustment range: < 1 … >75 Watt per channel
Output impedanceNom: 50 Ω
RF output frequency40 MHz and 60 MHz switchable (RF Signal phase shift between channels at 40 and 60 MHz)
Frequency accuracy< ±50 ppm
Frequency stability< ±50 ppm
Extinction ratio> 40 dB
Harmonics distortion< -26 dBc @ 75W per channel *
Spurious levels< -50 dBc *
Analogue modulation impedance600 Ω
Analogue modulation voltage range@ 50 Ω: 0 … +10 V (0…+5V option) (The voltage range corresponds to 0 to 100% of the potentiometer pre-adjusted maximum RF output power.)
Digital / Frequency modulation impedance4.7 kΩ (pull-up)
Digital / Frequency modulation levelTTL compatible (V_IL = 0.8V, V_IH = 2.0V), Logic High = RF On / 40MHz, Logic Low = RF Off / 60MHz
Maximum modulation frequencyAmplitude – digital and analogue: 1 MHz, Drive frequency: 5 MHz
Rise/fall timeDigital / Analogue modulation (10 … 90%): < 100 ns

* into 50 Ω load.

Connectors, Cooling, Dimensions, Weight

RF output connector2 x BNC female
Control connectorD-Sub 15-pole, male for pin assignment refer to section Input Connectors
Power supply connectionPrimary: Molex 03-09-2021
Mating: Molex 03-09-1022 (Shell), 02-09-1104 (Crimp contacts)
Secondary: Solder-in style connector
for pin polarity assignment refer to section Input Connectors
CoolingCooling block material: Copper, 2 x G 1/4’’ thread fitted with 6mm push in connectors
Flow rateMore than 2 litre/minute at 250C ± 100C
Coolant pressure< 100 psi (6.9 bar)
Dimensions [mm]240 x 110 x 123 (length x width x height)
Weight4 kg
Output Indications
Interlock monitorInterlock ok = Low
Interlock fault = High
Driver temperatureTemperature ok = Low
Safe temperature exceeded = High
RF statusRF ON = Low
RF OFF = High
VSWR exceeded = High
Environmental Conditions
Warm up time5 minutes for optimum stability
Operating case temperature0°C ... +65°C, non-condensing
Storage temperature-20°C ... +85°C, non-condensing
Absolute Maximum Ratings
Supply voltage max.+26 VDC
Analogue modulation
Voltage range @ 0 ... +5 V-0.5 V ... +5.5 V
Voltage range @ 0 ... +10 V-0.5 V ... +11.0 V
Digital modulation
Level-0.5 V ... +5.5 V
Voltage range-0.5 V ... +30 V
Current sink20 mA

Input Connectors

D-Sub 15-pin, Male

Any signals refer to ground (GND) unless denoted

The outputs are open-collector type.

Pin assignment
Pin 1Interlock (in)Pin 9GND
Pin 2Interlock fault indicator (out)Pin 10GND
Pin 3Temperature alarm indicator (out)Pin 11GND
Pin 4RF status indicator (out)Pin 12GND
Pin 5VSWR fault indicator (out)Pin 13GND
Pin 6Analogue modulation (in)Pin 14GND
Pin 7Digital modulation (in)Pin 15GND
Pin 8Frequency select (in)