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HVR-Drive™ Rack-Mounted BBO Pockels Cell Driver product image

HVR-Drive™ Rack-Mounted Pockels Cell Driver

A turnkey integrated driver and control system to switch Pockels cells used for pulse management in high repetition rate ultrafast laser regenerative amplifiers.

Full Product Description
Input voltage:
Min: 88 VAC, Max: 264 VAC
Input frequency:
Min: 50 Hz, Max: 60 Hz
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Product description

This driver has a repetition rate from 0–200 kHz, an output voltage of 0–7.5 kV, rise and fall times of 10–15 ns with pulse widths of 100 ns–5 μs. The driver produces a top-hat waveform with fast-rising and falling edges.

A built-in digital voltmeter allows you to set the output voltage before applying it to the driver and separate high voltage enable/disable buttons are standard for added safety. A separate trigger on/off switch provides easy pulse control which also disables the high voltage at the rear panel output connectors.

The HVR-System comes in a standard 483 mm (19”) rack-mount enclosure which can also be used as a benchtop unit. It comes with forced air cooling for operation up to 50 kHz or water-cooled for higher repetition rates.

Key features

  • 0–200 kHz repetition rate pulses
  • 1.0–7.5 kV output voltage
  • 10–15 ns rise and fall times
  • 100 ns–5 μs pulse widths
  • Bipolar balanced output


Input voltageMin: 88 VAC, Max: 264 VAC
Input frequencyMin: 50 Hz, Max: 60 Hz
VoltageMin: 4 V, Max: 6 V, Normally 5 V, 50 Ω input impedance
Trigger to output delay (5 V trigger)100 ns
Duty cycleMax ratio of pulse width to period (1/frequency): 20%.
Pulse repetition rateAir cooled max: 50 kHz, Water cooled max: 200 kHz
Pulse amplitude1.0 kV, 7.5 kV
Rise/fall times (6–10 pF output capacitance¹)Min: 10 ns, Max: 15 ns
Operating ambientMin: 0 °C, Max: 40 °C

¹ Unit has been tested with up to a 100 pF load and demonstrated rise/fall times less than 40 ns.

Standard Output Configurations

AmplitudeMaximum rep rate Model number Cooling method
0–6 kV10 kHzHVR-60010Air
0–6 kV30 kHzHVR-60030 Air
0–6 kV150 kHz HVR-60150Water
0–7.5 kV5 kHzHVR-75005Air
0–7.5 kV10 kHz (0–6kV @ 20 kHz) HVR-75010Air
0–7.5 kV100 kHz (0–5 kV @ 200 kHz)HVR-75010Water