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G&H Pockels Cell Drivers

Pockels cell drivers supply Pockels cells with the high voltage required to operate. Our Pockels cell drivers complement our range of Pockels Cells, with high-quality components integrated into our designs to maximize lifetime, safety, and reliability.

Our Pockels cell drivers fall into two categories: the Q-series Q-switch drivers and R-series regenerative amplifier drivers. Q-switch drivers provide a fast rise time followed by a longer decay time while regenerative amplifier drivers have a square pulse with a fast rise and fall time, adjustable pulse width, and can operate up to 100 kHz or more.

Customised Pockels Cells Drivers

We offer Pockels cell drivers customized for each application, from wiring and signal interfaces to cooling methodology. Options may include custom triggering logic and custom interfaces for remote control and monitoring. For OEM applications, G&H can provide drivers tailored to meet desired form factors and mounting requirements.

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