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Q-Drive™ Benchtop KD*P Pockels Cell Driver product image

Q-Drive™ Benchtop Pockels Cell Driver

Designed for use in product development, teaching, and research laboratories.

Full Product Description
Pulse top :
Nominal: <150 ns
Pulse voltage :
Min: 1.5 kV, Max: 4.5 kV
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Product description

Operating with repetition rates from 1–4.5 kHz, output voltages from 1.5–4.5 kV, and rise and fall times of 4–7 ns with pulse widths of 150 ns–5 μs, the Q-Drive is fully self-contained with the power supply and all control circuitry, needing only 24 VDC and a trigger signal to operate.

Housed in a compact 100x125x50 mm (4x5x2") aluminum case, the driver has a full suite of controls, indicators, and remote control features. It operates from an external 24 VDC source (power adapter included).

A unique feature of the driver is its differential bipolar output – reducing voltage to ground and shock hazard, an important feature in a laboratory
environment. The cables from the Pockels cell leave from the back of the case, keeping them away from hands at the front panel. The driver outputs are protected against short-circuits.

The driver is designed for reliability with low component stresses, the highest quality components, and the use of US Navy derating standards.

The unit is ideal for evaluating G&H's OEM driver technology as both drivers share the same electronic design.

Key features

  • 4-7 ns, 1.5-4.5 kV, 1 Hz-4.5 kHz performance
  • 50 ohm isolated trigger
  • Front panel controls for high voltage setpoint
    and power
  • DB-9 connector with: voltage monitor, remote
    setpoint, voltage on/off
  • Status LEDs for power, high voltage and trigger


Pulse top Nominal: <150 ns
Decay time constantNominal: <5 ns
Pulse voltage Min: 1.5 kV, Max: 4.5 kV
Load capacitanceMax: 30 pF
24 VDCMax: 180 mA (Power limit before output fold-back)
Trigger voltageMin: 2 V, Max: 8 V
Input impedanceMin: 48 Ω, Max: 52 Ω
Pulse width Min: 200 ns
Jitter, trigger to outputNominal: 20 ps RMS (2 ns trigger rise time, Tektronix 11801)
TemperatureMin: -20° C, Max: 50° C