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Q-Drive™ OEM KD*P Pockels Cell Driver product images

Q-Drive™ OEM Pockels Cell Driver

A cost-effective, high-performance Pockels cell driver for incorporation into Q-switched laser systems.

Full Product Description
Pulse voltage :
Min: 1.5 kV, Max: 4.5 kV
Pulse width :
Min: 200 ns
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Product description

This driver has a repetition rate from 1–4.5 kHz, an output voltage of 1.5–4.5 kV, rise and fall times of 4–7 ns with pulse widths of 150 ns–5 μs.

The driver is packaged on a compact 100x83 mm (4x3¼") circuit board. The driver is fully self-contained with the power supply and all control circuitry, needing only 24 VDC and a trigger signal to operate.

Designed for reliability with low component stress and worst-case design margins, the driver meets specifications from –40C to +70C. It works with loads to 30 pF.

Key features

  • 4–7 ns, 1.5–4.5 kV, 1Hz–4.5 kHz performance
  • 50-ohm isolated trigger
  • Voltage monitor
  • Status LEDs for power, high voltage, and trigger
  • Remote on/off and voltage setpoint
  • Bipolar balanced output
  • 24 VDC input power
  • Laboratory version available


Pulse top Nominal: 150 ns (4 kV output, 6 pF cell capacitance)
Decay time constantNominal: <5 μs (4 kV output, 6 pF cell capacitance)
Pulse voltage Min: 1.5 kV, Max: 4.5 kV
Load capacitanceMax: 30 pF
24 VDCMax: 180 mA (Power limit before output fold-back)
Trigger voltageMin: 2 V, Max: 8 V
Input impedanceMin: 48 Ω, Max: 52 Ω
Pulse width Min: 200 ns
Jitter, trigger to outputNominal: 20 ps RMS (2 ns trigger rise time, Tektronix 11801)
Temperature-20 - 50 °C
TemperatureMin: -20° C, Max: 50° C