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QDP-DT™ OEM Q-Drive for Flash Lamp Pumped Lasers product image

QDP-DT™ OEM Q-Drive for Flash Lamp Pumped Lasers

A double pulse OEM Pockels cell driver for flashlamp-pumped lasers.

Full Product Description
Fall time:
3.5 kV, 6 pF max: < 12 ns
Rise time:
3.5 kV, 6 pF min: 1 µs, 3.5 kV, 6 pF min: 5 µs
Nom: 5 V, Min: 4 V, Max: 6 V
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Product description

This driver has a repetition rate from 0–50 Hz, an output voltage of 1.2–4.0 kV, rise times of 300–800 us, a fall time of 10 ns, with pulse widths of 160–300 μs.

This driver is designed for the q-switching of lasers without the need for phase retardation plates. Once triggered, high voltage is applied to inhibit the laser output.

When the second trigger is applied, the Pockels cell is opened by a fast negative pulse to allow laser output, then it returns to high voltage to inhibit additional lasing.

The Q-Drive Double Pulse has been shown to increase Pockels cell life expectancy and laser output power relative to constant voltage-on scenarios often employed.

The compact 127x87x32 mm circuit features an integrated high voltage power supply which includes remote voltage monitoring (1 V/kV) and remote shutdown.

Key features

  • 1.2–4.0 kV adjustable output voltage
  • 0–50 Hz repetition rate
  • 300–800 μs nominal on time (adjustable)
  • 5–7 μs wide delayed pulse (separate trigger)
  • Fall time (delay pulse) less than 12 ns


Pulse repetition rate1 Hz, 50 Hz, Same as trigger input
Amplitude (V1+V2) adjustable (V2=10% of V1)Min: 1.2 kV, Max: 4.0 kV
Total HV on time (adjustable)Min: 300 µs, Max: 800 µs
Centre pulse width (trigger)Min: 5 µs, Max: 7 µs
Fall time3.5 kV, 6 pF max: < 12 ns
Rise time3.5 kV, 6 pF min: 1 µs, 3.5 kV, 6 pF min: 5 µs
Load capacitance30 pF (with Pockels cell leads)
Input voltageMin: 15 VDC, Max: 18 VDC, Exceeding 20 VDC will damage driver
Input current4.0 kV, 50 Hz, 10 pF load max: 250 mA
Input impedanceNom: 100 Ω, Min: 90 Ω, Max: 110 Ω
AmplitudeNom: 5 V, Min: 4 V, Max: 6 V
Pulse width Min: 100 ns, Max: 100 µs, Set by user
Propagation delay80 ns, 100 ns, After trailing edge of trigger
Ambient temperature50° C