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Fiber-Coupled Pump Lasers product image

808 nm Cooled Multi-Mode Lasers EM339

A 14-pin butterfly package, Peltier-cooled, fiber-coupled, multi-mode pump laser that operates at 808 nm, with an output power of up to 3 W.

Full Product Description
808 nm
Output power:
Min: 3 W
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Product description

With an output power of 3 W and a hermetically sealed ceramic package, this pump laser is designed for high brightness with reliable and robust packaging and is available with a thermistor and a monitor photodiode.

The butterfly package has a Peltier cooler for chip temperature control and a thermistor for temperature monitoring. This module is pigtailed using a step-index fiber with a 0.15 or 0.22 numerical aperture, with a 105 µm core diameter and is compliant with Telcordia GR-468-CORE.

Key features

  • Laser welded and epoxy free
  • Peltier cooler
  • Built-in thermistor
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Telcordia GR-468-CORE compliant


Wavelength808 nm
Output powerMin: 3 W
Center wavelengthI = Iₒₚ, Min: 798 nm, Typ: 808 nm, Max: 818 nm
Operating voltageI = Iₒₚ: Max: 2.3 V
Operating currentP = Pₒₚ: Max: 4.5 A
Threshold currentTyp: 0.6 A, Max: 0.8 A
Wavelength drift vs temperatureTyp: 0.3 nm / ° C
Spectral width17dB down from peak: Typ: 6 nm
PD reverse voltageMax: 16 V
TEC currentMax at ∆T = 35° C, P = Pₒₚ: 4 A
TEC voltage Max at ∆T = 35° C, P = Pₒₚ: 5.5 V
PD currentMin: 0.1 mA
Operating case temperatureMin: 0° C, Max: 60° C
Thermistor resistanceT = 25°C, Min: 9500 Ω, Typ: 10000 Ω, Max: 10500 Ω
Themistor β coefficient0 / 50°C: Typ: 3892
Fiber typeStep index
Fiber jacket materialPVDF
Numerical apertureTyp: 0.22, Max: 0.24, See ordering info
Fiber core diameterMin: 102 μm, Typ: 105 μm, Max: 108 μm
Fiber cladding diameterMin: 123 μm, Typ: 125 μm, Max: 128 μm
Fiber buffer diameterMin: 235 μm, Typ: 250 μm, Max: 265 μm
Fiber jacket diameterTyp: 900 μm
Fiber jacket lengthFrom end of boot, Min: 75 nm, Max: 95 nm
Pigtail lengthMin: 1 m


PinDescription Pin Description
2Thermistor13Case GND
3Monitor PD anode12NC
4Monitor PD cathode11Laser cathode
5Thermistor10Laser anode
6Monitor PD cathode9Laser cathode
7Monitor PD anode8NC

Maximum ratings

Absolute Maximum RatingsMinMax
Storage temperature-40° C+85° C
Operating case temperature-20° C+70° C
Laser forward current4.5 A
Laser reverse voltage2 V
Photo diode photo current10 mA
Photo diode reverse voltage16 V
TEC current5 A
TEC voltage6 V
Thermistor current2 mA
Thermistor voltage5 V
Lead soldering time10 s
Lead soldering temperature250° C
Fiber pull force5 N
Fiber bend radius35 nm
ESD (human body model)500 V

Ordering information

WavelengthPowerNumerical Aperture
Specification808 nm3 W0.22