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9XX Cooled Single Mode Pump Lasers product image

9XX Cooled Single Mode Pump Lasers AC1405

A 14-pin, TE-cooled, fiber-coupled, PM, single-mode pump laser module that operates at 974 or 976 nm with an output power up to 400 mW.

Full Product Description
Center wavelength:
P=Pₒₚ, 974 nm, 976 nm
Operating power:
Kink free power = Max: 400 mW
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Product description

A fiber Bragg grating (FBG) precisely locks the center wavelength over extended power and temperature ranges.

The modules are packaged using unique laser-weld packaging technology for high reliability over harsh operating conditions and are available with a fiber Bragg rating, thermoelectric cooler, thermistor, monitor photodiode, and UniDry™ getter. G&H’s pump lasers are designed to meet the requirements outlined in Telcordia GR-468-CORE.

Key features

  • Internal cooler and thermistor
  • Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG)
  • Telcordia GR-468-CORE compliant


Center wavelengthP=Pₒₚ, 974 nm, 976 nm
Operating powerKink free power = Max: 400 mW
Operating chip temperature25 °C
Wavelength toleranceWith FBG, Min: -1 nm, Max: +1 nm
Spectral shift with temperatureWith FBG: Typ: 0.01 nm / ° C
PER@ room temperature: 17 dB
Power in band@λ c ±1nm, P>50mW: Min: 90%
Threshold currentMax: 60 mA
Laser drive currentKink free power = 400 mW, Typ: 750 mA, Max: 850 mA
Laser forward voltageP=Pₒₚ, Typ: 2.2 V, Max: 2.5 V
Monitor photo diode currentMin: 0.1 mA, Max: 5.0 mA
Monitor photo diode dark current100 nA
TEC currentTamb = 25° C for Typ: 0.8 A, Tamb = 75° C for Max: 4.2 A
TEC voltage Tamb = 25° C for Typ: 0.6 V, Tamb = 75° C for Max: 3.8 V
Thermistor resistanceT = 25° C, Min: 9500 Ω, Typ: 10000 Ω, Max: 10500 Ω
Thermistor β coefficient0 / 50° C: 3892
Fiber typePM
Fiber jacket materialHytrel Acrylate
Fiber core diameterMin: 5.6 μm, Typ: 6.6 μm, Max: 7.6 μm
Fiber cladding diameterMin: 123 μm, Typ: 125 μm, Max: 127 μm
Fiber buffer diameterMin: 230 μm, Typ: 245 μm, Max: 260 μm
Pigtail lengthWith grating: Min: 1.5 m. Typ: 3 m. , Without grating: Min: 1.0 m. Typ: 1.3 m.
Fiber bend radiusMin: 35 mm
Fiber proof strength100 kpsi


PinDescription Pin Description
2Thermistor13Case GND
3Monitor PD anode12NC
4Monitor PD cathode11Laser cathode
5Thermistor10Laser anode

Maximum Ratings

Absolute Maximum Ratings*MinMax
Storage temperature-40° C+85° C
Operating case temperature-20° C+75° C
Laser forward current1.0 A
Laser reverse voltage2.0 V
Photo diode photo current10 mA
Photo diode reverse voltage20 V
TEC current6.0 A
TEC voltage4.0 V
Thermistor current2 mA
Thermistor voltage5 V
Lead soldering time10 s
Lead soldering temperature250° C
ESD (human body model)500 V

* Stresses beyond those listed under “Absolute Maximum Ratings” may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress ratings only and operation of the device at or beyond these conditions is not implied. Exposure to absolute maximum ratings for extended periods of time may affect device reliability.

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