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1060 nm Planar Lightwave Circuit

A planar lightwave circuit for 1060 nm available in 1x4 and 1x8 port configurations.

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Product description

G&H manufactures PLC components fully in-house in a clean room environment, through an ion-exchange-based process providing superior dependability and great performance. Our high quality planar splitters/couplers offer low insertion loss, ultra-low polarization dependent loss (PDL) and excellent uniformity.

Key features

  • Very low optical insertion loss
  • Superior optical uniformity
  • Low optical back reflection
  • Highly reliable and compact packaging


1x4 and 1x8 Specification
Port configuration1x41x8
Wavelength1060±10 nm1060±10 nm
Maximum insertion loss8.5 dB11.9 dB
Uniformity0.8 dB1.2 dB
Polarization-dependent loss<0.2 dB<0.2 dB
Return loss>55 dB>55 dB
Directivity>55 dB>55 dB
Fiber typeCorning HI1060Corning HI1060
Storage/operating temperature0 to +70°C0 to +70°C
Packing dimensions70x10x5.6 mm70x10x5.6 mm

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