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C, L, C+L Band Sub-miniature Pump Signal WDM product image

C, L, C+L Band Sub-miniature Pump Signal WDM

Low loss multiplexing of pump and signal in an ultra-short 32 mm length package, for use at C, L, or C+L bands.

Full Product Description
1530–1565 nm (C band), 1565–1625 nm (L band)
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Product description

Designed for space-constrained optical amplifiers, this WDM is manufactured using ø80 um cladding fiber, enabling low fiber bend radius within modules without compromising mechanical integrity.

G&H’s proprietary manufacturing technology provides uniquely low insertion loss for signal and pump paths, which promotes low noise and the efficient use of pump power in optical amplifiers. Standard wavelengths of operation are based on 980 nm pumping and C, L, or C+L signal bands, and reliability is assured through qualification to Telcordia GR-1221. Other wavelength combinations are available for diverse requirements such as sensing, fiber lasers, and fiber-optic gyroscopes. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

Key features

  • Ultra-low loss ( < 0.05 dB)
  • High power handling
  • High reliability
  • Telcordia GR-1221 compliant


Wavelength1530–1565 nm (C band), 1565–1625 nm (L band)
Return loss/directivity55 dB
Pigtail tensile load5 N
Optical power handling4 W
Operating temperature-40 – +75°C
Storage temperature-40 – +85°C
Environmental qualificationTelcordia GR 1221

Housing codeDescriptionDimensions (mm)Pigtail
1Sub-miniature1x2, 2x2, 3.0 (∅) x 32 (L)Primary-coated fiber, 80 µm cladding

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