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Fiber-Optic Couplers (Hi Rel and SM) product image

Duplexing WDM 1310-1550, 1625nm

For splitting or combining a pair of wavelengths for combinations of O band, S band, C band, L band, U band.

Full Product Description
1260–1360 nm (O band), 1460–1530 nm (S band), 1530–1565 nm (C band), 1565–1625 nm (L band), 1625–1675 nm (U band)
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Product description

A two-channel WDM that simultaneously splits or couples a pair of wavelengths for combinations of O/L, O/C, or O/U bands. This coupler provides low loss over a wide range of temperatures and has low polarization dependence. O/C band or O/L band components are used to double network bandwidth whilst the O/U band component is used to add or drop a supervisory wavelength from a system.

G&H’s proprietary manufacturing technology provides uniquely low excess loss and wavelength dependence along with low polarization and temperature dependence for all ports. In addition to the standard wavelengths shown, other combinations such as S/L band are available. Please contact us for more information.

Key features

  • Promotes low amplifier noise figure
  • Promotes low pump power wastage
  • Ultra-low typical <0.05 dB excess loss
  • Wide range of regular parts available
  • High power handling
  • <1 FITs


Wavelength1260–1360 nm (O band), 1460–1530 nm (S band), 1530–1565 nm (C band), 1565–1625 nm (L band), 1625–1675 nm (U band)
Return loss/directivity55 dB
Pigtail tensile load5 N
Optical power handling4 W
Operating temperature-40 – +75°C
Storage temperature-40 – +85°C
Environmental qualificationTelcordia GR-1221

Housing codeDescriptionDimensions (mm)Pigtail
2MiniatureØ3.0 x 50 (L)Primary-coated fiber
3RegularØ3.0 x 55 (L)Primary-coated fiber
4Ø0.9 mm slimØ3.0 x 70 (L)Ø0.9 mm loose-tube
5Ø0.9 mm semi-ruggedizedØ5.0 x 80 (L)Ø0.9 mm loose-tube
6Ø3.0 mm fully-ruggedized80 (L) x 10 (W) x 8 (H)Ø3.0 mm fan-out sleeving

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