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Fiber-Optic Couplers (PM and SM) product image

NXN Fused Coupler

For splitting and combining two ports or more, operating at 980, 1310, 1480, 1550, or 1585 nm, with other wavelengths available by request.

Full Product Description
980 nm, 1310 nm, 1480 nm, 1550 nm, 1585 nm
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Product description

Manufactured using a single low loss fusion and available in configurations of 1X3, 3X3, 1X4, or 4X4, these couplers offer low loss optical splitting in a single cylindrical package.

Single fuse couplers, by virtue of their phase properties, are also ideal for use in fiber-optic gyroscopes (FOGs), and are available with ultra-compact housings and ø80 μm cladding fiber pigtails, directly compatible with FOG sensing loops. The low loss offered by our couplers ensures optimal FOG sensitivity. These FOG-optimized single fuse couplers are available on a custom basis. Please contact us for a specification tailored to your requirements.

Key features

  • Low loss
  • Custom designs for Gyro applications


Wavelength980 nm, 1310 nm, 1480 nm, 1550 nm, 1585 nm
Return loss/directivity50 dB
Pigtail tensile load5 N
Optical power handling4 W
Operating temperature-40° C – +75° C ³
Storage temperature-40° C – +85° C
Fiber typeCorning SMF-28 ⁴ or 980 nm fiber ⁵

Optical Specifications ¹

Port configuration1x3 3x31x44x4
Coupling ratio33/33/33%33/33/33%25/25/25/25%25/25/25/25%
Maximum insertion loss ² Grade A5.7 dB6.2 dB7.0 dB8.0 dB
Grade B6.2 dB6.5 dB7.8 dB8.6 dB

¹ All specifications are preliminary.
² Insertion loss (not including PDL, TDL or any connector losses).
³ For connectorized component, operating temperature range is –5 – +75 o C.
⁴ Custom designs using ø80 µm fiber for Gyro applications are available. Please contact the sales office for further information.
⁵ For 980 nm component.

Housing CodeDescriptionDimensions (mm)Pigtail
3Regular1x3, 3x3 3.0 (∅) x 55 (L)Primary-coated fiber
3Regular1x4, 4x4 3.0 (∅) x 71 (L)Primary-coated fiber

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