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Visible Wavelength Combiner

For combining or separating two or three wavelengths in the 450–700 nm wavelength range.

Full Product Description
450–700 nm
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Product description

No light leaves the fiber and therefore no alignment is required, and there are no unwanted reflections. Furthermore, the output fiber pigtails may be directly integrated into beam delivery systems. Combiners are available for either 2 or 3 wavelengths: 2 wavelength combiners combine red/green, blue/green, or red/blue light. 3 wavelength combiners provide full RGB operation; enabling full-color displays.

All variants are available on a custom basis, so please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Key features

  • 2 or 3 color combining or separating
  • All fiber – no lens alignment
  • No unwanted reflections
  • Low light loss
  • High power handling
  • Custom Product


Wavelength450–700 nm
Fiber typeSpeciality single mode fiber
Operating temperature-5° C – +75° C
Storage temperature-40° C – +85° C

Example Optical Specifications ¹

Two Wavelength Combiner
Operating wavelengthsBlue / green457 / 532 nm
Green / red532 / 633 nm
Blue / red457 / 633 nm
Channel transmissionMinimum90%
HousingSemi-ruggedized housing ø5.0 x 85 mm
Three Wavelength Combiner
Operating wavelengths630, 633, 655 nm532 nm457, 460, 488 nm
Channel transmission (Min.)85%85%65%
Channel transmission (Typ.)90%90%70%
Fiber cut-off wavelength430±20 nm
HousingAnodized aluminum housing 110 x 45 x 10 mm

¹ Please contact the sales office for a specification and quotation based on your exact requirements.