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Optical windows are a critical component in a variety of applications which require minimal optical impact with maximum mechanical separation between two environments.

Full Product Description
5 - 500 mm
λ / 8 , λ / 20
End surface quality (scratch-dig):
40 - 20, 10 - 5
3 - 300 mm (typical, industrial), Up to 450 mm (defense)
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Product description

Our high-quality optical windows demonstrate exceptional parallelism, very low surface roughness, minimal transmitted and reflected wavefront errors, and high optical transparency in the operational wavelength range. The choice of window material depends on environmental factors like acidity of the atmosphere, strong vacuums, high pressures, or high temperatures, as well as the operational wavelength range.

Our optical windows are utilized in lasers, testing chambers, and other systems where the environment on one side may be pressurized, filled with a specific gas, or otherwise need to be chemically separated from the other. We provide defense-grade windows that are not only significantly larger but also coated with diamond-like coatings to withstand abrasive environments, particularly in the desert.

We design and manufacture our optical windows and flats, by hand, in both the United States and the United Kingdom.


From high transmission broadband anti-reflection coatings to V-coats for high energy applications, our extensive coating capabilities for precision optical components deliver performance across the spectrum from the UV to the FIR.

  • High LDT
  • High transmission
  • Broadband or V-coat anti-reflection
  • DLC & ITO
  • Industrial (e.g. lasers, testing chambers) - optimized for high energy, transmission at high angles, high temperature stability
  • Defense (e.g. military vehicles) - optimized for abrasive environments, transmission at high angles, high long-term stability
Key Equipment & Processes
  • Q-Flex magnetorheological finishing (MRF)
  • Lap Master Wolters AC1500-L
  • Engis high pressure lap polisher
  • 18" - 48" lap polishers
  • Optical contacting

We have made a significant investment in metrology equipment to ensure that our customers receive quality, high-performing precision optical components.

  • White light interferometers
  • 6" & 18" Zygo interferometers (1/50th wave accuracy flatness RWE & TWE)
  • CNC Smartscope
  • Heidenhain CT60
Environmental Testing

Environmental testing of components and coatings is critical for the assurance of performance in rugged conditions. G&H environmental testing capabilities include MIL-C-675C, MIL-C-48497A, MIL-E-12397, and MIL-M-13508C for endurance against abrasion, adhesion, humidity, temperature, and environmental conditions.

  • Humidity, sea salt spray, DIN, MIL upon request

Key features

  • Windows for industrial and defense applications
  • High parallelism, low surface roughness, low transmitted and reflected wavefront errors
  • Optically transparent at the operational wavelength range


Dimensions5 - 500 mm
Flatnessλ / 8 , λ / 20
End surface quality (scratch-dig)40 - 20, 10 - 5
Size3 - 300 mm (typical, industrial), Up to 450 mm (defense)

PrecisionHigh Precision
Dimension5 - 500 mm5 - 100 mm
Dimension tolerance±0.1±0.01
Flatnessλ / 8λ / 20
Surface quality40 - 2010 - 5
Parallelism±1 arcmin±2 arcsec
Substrate optionsFused silica, glass, Ge, silicon, sapphire, ZnSFused silica, glass, Ge, silicon, sapphire, ZnS