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Ring Laser Gyroscope Components

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Our ring laser gyroscopes (RLG) are deployed in commercial aircraft, missiles, satellites, and other military vehicles. Vertical integration enables us to supply the entire ring laser gyroscope components package: RLG frame and optical components.

Our integration of capabilities delivers superior performance and streamlines sourcing.

We design and manufacture our ring laser gyroscope components, by hand, in California, United States.

Ring laser gyroscope components

There are many RLG components within the RLG – each performs unique functions and is optimized accordingly.

Zerodur® frame

The Zerodur® frame must deliver maximal stability over a large range of operating environments (namely, temperature, humidity, and environmental composition). We have 40 years of experience producing high-quality, consistent, Zerodur® frames.

Precision mirrors and optics

Flat, wedged, and curved mirrors used in RLGs are superpolished with surface roughness better than 1 Å RMS with high-reflectivity low-loss IBS coatings designed to survive extreme environmental conditions.

Precision beam splitters, prisms, and wedges complete the assembly.

Contact us to discuss the many RLG componenets available to you.


Measuring excellence

Extensive metrology capabilities are critical in order to meet and exceed difficult specifications for ring laser gyroscope components. We utilize the following state-of-the-art measurement systems:

  • Zygo® ZeMapper™ for surface roughness and structure <1 Å
  • OGP® CMM for geometrical tolerances down to sub-micron features
  • 18” Zygo® Interferometer measures flatness up to λ/50

Our facilities are certified to ISO9001 and AS9100D: 2009 Rev.C. G&H businesses comply with ITAR legislation and are registered with the US government.

RLG Specifications

Zerodur® framesMirrorsBeam combinersPrisms and wedges
Substrate materialsZerodur®Zerodur®, Fused silicaFused silicaFused silica
Sizes1–500 mm1–500 mm1–500 mm1–500 mm
Surface roughness<1 Å<1 Å<1 Å<1 Å
Wavefront distortionλ/50 @ 633 nmλ/50 @ 633 nmλ/50 @ 633 nmλ/50 @ 633 nm
Dimensional toleranceSub-micronSub-micronSub-micronSub-micron
Angular tolerances<1 arc second<1 arc second<1 arc second<1 arc second
Clear aperture dimensionsUp to 500 mmUp to 500 mmUp to 500 mmUp to 500 mm
Country of manufactureUSAUSAUSAUSA

G&H Precision Optics Brochure

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From high transmission broadband anti-reflection coatings to V-coats for high energy applications, our extensive coating capabilities for precision optical components deliver performance across the spectrum from the UV to the FIR. Take a closer look at our optical coatings service.

Environmental testing

Environmental testing of components and coatings is critical for the assurance of performance in rugged conditions. G&H environmental testing capabilities include MIL-C-675C, MIL-C-48497A, MIL-E-12397, and MIL-M-13508C for endurance against abrasion, adhesion, humidity, temperature, and environmental conditions.

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