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High Speed Detectors

High Speed Detectors (HSDs)

Analog optical communication applications continue to serve markets where the expense and overhead of digital conversion is not required. High fidelity applications require a photonic RF signal to be cleanly converted to an electrical RF signal. G&H’s line of high speed detectors (HSD) facilitate the crucial conversion at a high bandwidth. Our photodetector designs offer low dark current or noise, and perform with excellent responsivity.

Receiving and converting of high fidelity photonic signals is critical for communication systems. G&H offers two products to meet the demanding customer requirements of these applications.

  • The EM169 photodetector offers bandwidth rated to a minimum of 20 GHz over the 1280-1620 nm range. This photodetector covers multiple wavelength bands with a single device, including 1310 nm, C-band, and L-band. The EM169 can handle 3 mW (5 dBm) average power with 6 mW (8 dBm) absolute maximum power, and a typical responsivity of 0.95 A/W.
  • The new EM530 photodetector further expands the product range with a dramatic increase in power handling to 50 mW (17 dBm) average and 100 mW (20 dBm) absolute maximum. The EM530 detects over the 1280-1620 nm range and features a bandwidth of 10 GHz with a typical 0.5 A/W responsivity. For a 50 mW input signal, the EM530 photodetector provides a 250 mA photocurrent level, thus increasing the level by a factor of 10 compared to the EM169 and other comparable photodetectors.

Manufactured in volume, these two HSD photodetector devices are rated for performance over the -40 to +85 °C environmental temperature conditions. Our engineers are focused on maximizing photodetector performance to enable higher power and high speed ruggedized systems for industrial, defence, medical, and scientific applications.

Applications of HSDs

RF over fiber, optical signal processing, phased arrays, IR sensing

ProductProduct CodeWavelengthPower HandlingResponsivityBandwidthPigtail TypeKey Feature