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Erbium-doped fiber amplifiers

High Reliability Optical Fiber Amplifiers

G&H manufacture high-reliability Erbium-doped (EDFA) and erbium/ytterbium co-doped (EYDFA) fiber amplifier modules. These amplifiers operate in demanding thermal, vibration, and radiation environments.

Fiber amplifiers are used widely in terrestrial telecommunications, and are now finding their way into UAV and satellite laser communications. Our optical fiber amplifiers are designed and developed using G&H highest manufacturing standards. The modules rely on functional integration of G&H high-reliability passive and active components fabricated in-house, thereby achieving full visibility and control over the supply chain.

Our optical amplifiers can be split into three basic categories, according to the function and power levels required.

Mid-booster fiber amplifiers are designed to provide power levels from +16 dBm up to +20 dBm. These amplifiers can be deployed in direct downlinks from low Earth orbits or within telecommunication satellites for signal distribution and/or processing in photonic payloads. Performance testing against ionising radiation reveals minimal radiation induced absorption (RIA) for two total ionising dose rates typical for LEO and GEO orbits.


Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA) can be used in optically pre-amplified receiver systems in bidirectional links. Key performance indicators are small signal gain, saturated output power and noise figure. We have designed amplifiers that exhibit 40-55 dB small signal gain values with noise figures close the the quantum limits. Typical pre-amplifier performance under ionising radiation shows minimal optical gain loss and low noise figures post-radiation.


High-power amplifiers are deployed in diverse applications, both for inter-satellite as well as satellite to ground links. We have designed and qualified different types of amplifiers with saturated output powers from +27 dBm up to +37 dBm. These amplifiers are in different stages of space qualification within pathfinder missions.

Levels of integration

G&H fiber amplifiers can be offered in different integration levels for versatile system integration in laser modems and terminals.

  • Gain blocks offer direct access to optoelectronic components allowing for external control of laser diodes and photodiodes.
  • Amplifier modules include necessary electronic circuitry to monitor and control the optical fiber amplifier operation.
  • Amplifier sub-systems include digital or analog interfaces with tailored functions and control levels, depending on the specific system architecture.

G&H works side by side with its customers in development projects and space missions providing different unit quality levels according to the program requirements, work plans, and schedules. Our fiber amplifiers are offered as:

  • Engineering Models (EM)
  • Engineering Qualification Model (EQM)
  • Proto-Flight Model (PFM)
  • Fully-qualified Flight models (FMs)

Customized optical performance, enclosures, port configurations, and amplifier arrays in a single housing can be developed to meet end-user and mission requirements for optical and electronic functionality, as well as mechanical housing customization. Our units integrate high reliability passive and active components fabricated in-house, maintaining full visibility and control over the supply chain.