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Acousto-optic deflectors

Acousto-optic deflectors provide precise spatial control of an optical beam at rates well beyond 250 MHz.

Incredible accuracy with incredible speed

Our acousto-optic deflectors resolve hundreds and thousands of spots in the space of no more than several degrees, with scan times as fast as a few microseconds.

The total number of resolvable spots is defined by the time needed for the acoustic wave to traverse the optical beam within the AO crystal (specified as access time) and operating frequency bandwidth.

Highly uniform diffraction efficiency

Whether performing 1D or 2D scanning or deflecting a beam through a fixed angle, our AO deflectors offer highly uniform diffraction efficiency across the full scan angle, with consistent power throughput for scanning applications like material processing and digital imaging.

2D UV beam scanning

2D UV beam scanning may be achieved by cascading two UV deflectors in series. Our flexible functionality AODF Dual Driver with phase synchronized outputs offers the optimum RF driver control for 2D scanning.

Standard and custom acousto-optic deflectors

A wide range of standard deflectors is available for wavelengths from 266–1500 nm.

We provide customized AO deflector solutions or multi-channel deflectors with high speed for volume OEM applications.

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