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AODF 4100-VI

For use at the wavelength of 488 nm, at an operating frequency of 75–125 MHz with a scan angle up to 39.5 mrad, and an active aperture of 4–14 mm.

Full Product Description
488 nm
Scan Angle:
39.5 mrad
Operating Frequency:
75–125 MHz
Active Aperture:
4–14 mm
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Product description

Our range of deflectors utilizes our high-quality crystals and AR coatings, housed in a rugged and reliable package for unsurpassed consistency.

A variety of designs using optimized optical materials are available, with conduction cooling or water-cooling for high-power situations.

Our expert design staff can tailor deflector performance to meet your specific needs.

Key features

  • Solid-state design
  • Accurate position control
  • Fast scan speeds
  • Good temperature stability
  • Repeatable performance
  • Custom designs available


Wavelength488 nm
Scan Angle39.5 mrad
Operating Frequency75–125 MHz
Active Aperture4–14 mm
AO mediumTeO2
Acoustic modeSlow shear, (110 Axis)
Acoustic velocity0.617 mm/µs
Input polarizationElliptical
Output polarizationElliptical
Insertion loss<3%
Center frequency (Fc)100 MHz
RF bandwidth50 MHz
RF power<1.2 W
Diffraction efficiency>75%
Flatness across bandwidth<10%
Minimum diffraction efficiency>70%
Peak valley at 633 nm<0.125
RMS at 633 nmN/A
Time bandwidth1100