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6000 Series Driver product image

6000 Series Driver

With an operating frequency of 20–450 MHz, a 2-channel 15 W output into a 50-ohm load, and analog and digital modulation. Compact form-factor with a fast parallel frequency programming interface

Full Product Description
Operating Frequency:
20-150 MHz, 40-245 MHz, 140-450 MHz
Operating frequency:
20 - 450 MHz (See table)
RF output power:
Min: 15 W ¹ ⁹
Independent RF outputs:
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Product description

This RF driver is designed to drive two-element phased array acoustic-optic beam deflectors for two-dimensional scanning as well as additional flexibility for controlling AO tunable filters. With its arbitrary waveform playback capability, multiple wavelengths can be simultaneously diffracted by tunable filters and multiple beam spots can be generated by beam deflectors.

Key features

  • Fault protection on low power, high power, and high VSWR.


Operating Frequency20-150 MHz, 40-245 MHz, 140-450 MHz
Operating frequency20 - 450 MHz (See table)
RF output powerMin: 15 W ¹ ⁹
RF power flatnessMax: +/- 0.5 dB across frequency band, nominal power. ²
2ⁿᵈ harmonic distortionMin: -25 dBc at rated RF output power.
Non-harmonic spurious free dynamic rangeMin: -50 dBc
Standard output waveformSinusoid ³
Independent RF outputs2
Programmable tones per output5 ⁴
Frequency resolutionMin: 1 kHz ⁵
Frequency stabilityMax: +/- 0.5 ppm (15°C to 50°C ambient temperature)
Frequency settling timeMax: 200 nS after latch signal assertion ⁶
Frequency update rateMax: 25 MHz (parallel interface)
Amplitude control (analog input) rangeMin: 40 dB each output channel ⁷
Amplitude blankingMin: 80 dB
Relative phase control (analog input) rangeMax: +/- 180° ⁸
Amplitude/phase control modulation bandwidthMax: 25 MHz
DC voltage input rangeMin: 24 V, Max: 28 V ⁹
DC total system power100 W
Playback mode waveform file sizeMax: 300 k Samples (per output, 1 GHz clock)
Operating temperatureMin: 15° C (ambient), Max: 50 °C (ambient)

Output frequency range

Low band model20150
Mid band model40245
High band model140450

All specifications at T ambient = 22 °C
¹ Rated amplifier output level, requires adequate heatsinking. Contact us for details.
² Power flatness set internally at factory. User compensation array can be loaded over USB interface.
³ Default output waveform is sinusoidal. User-defined waveforms loaded in playback mode.
⁴ Standard firmware build is 1 frequency tone per output port.
⁵ Frequency tuning word (FTW) is 20 bits.
⁶ Total latency time from assertion of latch signal to appearance of new frequency at RF output (FTW pre-loaded at interface).
⁷ Output power linear with input control voltage.
⁸ Sets phase of output #2 relative to output #1, defined only for identical programmed frequencies on both outputs.
⁹ Rated output power at 28 VDC.

Command Set (Host PC Mode via USB interface)

Freq X, YYYSets output frequency YYY (MHz) on channel X (1 or 2)
Amp X, YYSets output power YY (00 – 99) on channel X (1 or 2)
Pha YYYSets relative phase to YYY (0 to 360 degrees)
Latch XLatch command for channel X, latches the pre-loaded FTW
Soft onAllows USB control of output power levels
Soft offReverts system to hardware mode, requires analog amplitude control

Interface Description

Interface DefinitionConnectorLevelsInput / Output Assignments
Parallel interface, Ch #1, #2MDR mini-D 68 pin (x2)TTLFrequency word [19:0], spares (5), latch In (1), trigger in (1), blank (1), sync (1), status out (1)
Amplitude modulation inputsSMB (x2)0–1VCh #1, Ch #2
Phase modulation inputSMB (x1)0–1VRelative phase between channels
USBUSB mini-BUSBUSB 2.0 Interface (mass storage)
Main RF outputSMA (x2)RF OutputMain RF output ports, per model
Aux RF outputSMA (x2)Aux OutputAuxiliary RF output, 20-450 MHz
Main DC power input2 mm power jack24–28 VDCMain DC power input