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Benchtop Laser Controllers

Laser diode drivers often require a convenient or computer user interface for operation in production or laboratory environments. To meet this need, G&H offers the EM595 benchtop laser controller, a laser diode driver with a series of easy-to-use features backed by solid performance. Suitable for driving single-mode and DFB lasers in standard 14-pin butterfly packages, the EM595 meets a variety of needs.

Quick and easy testing

Many application environments can benefit from a simple touchpad or computer-controlled benchtop laser controller like the EM595. Experiments may require repetitive testing where users need to dynamically modify operational parameters to meet test objectives. The ability to easily swap lasers with different wavelength or power characteristics allows a single controller to operate several lasers. The automation offered by our laser diode driver further saves time and money while maintaining quality, calibrated results. In production environments, the benchtop EM595 unit allows quick and easy testing and verification of a multitude of products flowing through a production line.

A compact benchtop laser controller with an intuitive user interface

The EM595 combines a laser driver and thermoelectric cooler (TEC) controller into a compact, benchtop device with an intuitive user interface. With 1.5 A of laser drive current available, this laser diode driver can operate any 14-pin DFB or single-mode laser offered by G&H. The 3.0 A of current available for the TEC provides ample control for typical room temperature environments. Precise temperature control results in accurate frequency control. The EM595 establishes a new level of low noise and linewidth performance in a benchtop device.

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