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Fiber-Coupled Pump Lasers

Single-mode fiber pump lasers

Our single-mode (SM) fiber pump lasers emit low noise, precisely controlled level of light at a specific wavelength out of a small-core fiber. SM pumps require the alignment of a 125 µm fiber with an 8 µm core to a similarly small laser emitter. This micro-alignment must stay true and stable throughout wide temperature ranges and high shock/vibration environments.

Polarization maintaining fiber pump lasers

Our low noise design enables superior PM (polarization maintaining) combining to attain higher power levels. We offer PM fiber-coupled lasers at standard wavelength options of 974 nm, 976 nm, and 980 nm. Additional diode laser wavelengths are available at 975 nm, 978 nm, and 981 nm upon request, as well as other wavelengths.

Multi-mode fiber pump lasers

Multi-mode (MM) lasers offer a large amount of power out of a large core fiber for pumping of the doped fiber gain medium in order to amplify the signal. Other applications of MM pump lasers benefit from fiber-coupled, wavelength-specific light being delivered directly to the workpiece.

Our MM pump lasers offer up to 7 W output power in the 808–975 nm range, typically in a 14-pin package. We also support 2-pin, 3-pin, 8-pin, and other package sizes upon request.

Designs for aerospace

A variety of low size, weight, and power custom designs can be employed to meet demanding aerospace and space mission applications. We also offer design and qualification services to ensure high reliability and long life under launch conditions for space mission applications

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