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Fiber-Q® xxx nm xxx MHz (non-hermetic) product image

Fiber-Q® 633 nm 200 MHz Fiber Coupled AOM

For use at the wavelength of 633 nm, with a rise/fall time of 25 ns and an operating frequency of 200 MHz, with SM or PM pigtails.

Full Product Description
633 nm
Rise/Fall Time:
25 ns
Operating Frequency:
200 MHz
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Product description

A hermetic fiber-coupled acousto-optic modulator for use at 633 nm, with a rise/fall time of 25 ns and an operating frequency of 200 MHz, for use with SM and PM pigtails.

G&H specialises in providing optical components for high-power fiber laser and amplifier systems. In-house control of critical manufacturing processes; from crystalline material selection and orientation, cutting, polishing, and anti-reflection coating through to fiber coupling, ensure our components are of the highest optical quality.

Key features

  • Low insertion loss
  • Compact low profile package
  • Rugged hermetic design
  • Stable performance
  • Low power consumption


Interaction materialTellurium dioxide
Wavelength633 nm
Optical power handlingMax: 0.1 W
Insertion lossMax: 3.0 dB, Typical: 2.5 dB
Polarization dependent lossMax: 0.5 dB, Typical: 0.2 dB
Polarization extinction ratioMin: 15 dB
Extinction ratioMin: 50 dB
Return lossMin: 40 dB (RF ON/RF OFF)
Rise/Fall Time25 ns
Operating Frequency200 MHz
VSWRMax: 1.3:1
Input impedance50 Ω
RF powerMax: 1 W (Absolute maximum rating. Higher power will cause damage.)
Frequency shift200 MHz (Upshift)
Fiber typeNufern 630-HP/PM630-HP
Fiber lengthMin: 1.5 m (900 µm PVDF sleeving)
Fiber terminationBare fiber