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3910 series RF drivers product image

3910 series

With an operating frequency of 45–500 MHz, an 8 W output into a 50-ohm load, and analog and digital modulation, with a rise time as low as 4 ns.

Full Product Description
Operating Frequency:
45–500 MHz
Center frequency:
45 – 500 MHz fixed
RF output:
0.25 – 8.0 W adjustable (at +28 V)
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Product description

An RF driver series with an operating frequency range from 80 – 500 MHz and output up to 8 W in RF power with a rise time as low as 4 ns. Three modulation schemes are supported: Digital, Analog and Digital + Analog.

These drivers feature the optional ability to synchronize the driver to an external clock reference and are designed to drive FiberQ modulators, frequency shifters, and acousto-optic modulators.

Key features

  • Up to 500MHz center frequency
  • Selectable modulation input
  • Adjustable RF power up to 8 Watts
  • Rise time as low as 4 ns
  • Optional external clock synchronization


Operating Frequency45–500 MHz
Center frequency45 – 500 MHz fixed
RF output0.25 – 8.0 W adjustable (at +28 V)
Input voltage +Vcc+24 to +28 V
2ⁿᵈ harmonic level< -20dBc
Output VSWR1.5:1 max
Output waveformSinusoidal
Rise/fall timeMax: 4 nsec (frequencies ≥250 MHz)
Contrast ratioMin: 50 dB
Analog input voltage0 – 1 V
Analog input impedance50 Ω
Digital input voltageStandard TTL levels
Digital input impedance10 kΩ
Frequency stability+/- 1.5 ppm over temp
Frequency accuracy+/- 1%
Thermal managementConduction cooled heat sink
Operating temperature10°C to 60°C