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Broadband Lens Systems

We are the industry leader in broadband lens systems spanning multiple regions of the spectrum.

As detector and focal plane sensitivities have broadened, the need for more capable commercial lens solutions has become evident. We offer broadband lens systems that are optimized for balanced performance over the entire IR spectrum, from SWIR, through MWIR and the LWIR region.

Commercial infrared cameras are available with varying cold filter designs, and we offer several lens families to complement the various waveband options on the market.

The SuperBand™ Series has been optimized across a wide wavelength performance range to enable the lens to work with a wide range of detector types, improving application or inventory flexibility.

Diablo broadband lenses optimize performance over the MWIR to LWIR regions for SLS and MCT detectors.

The Cardinal Series is an extension to the original Ruby Series with
extended midwave infrared (eMWIR) performance.

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