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MWIR Lens Systems

Designed around commercially available InSb & MCT cameras and cores, our many years of experience in MWIR lens system design and fabrication is leveraged to ensure the highest performance.

Compact, ruggedized, and passively athermalized our MWIR lens assemblies excel in applications that require minimized size, weight, power, and cost (SWAP-C).

The Ruby and other COTS lens designs are tailored for the 21 mm diagonal image sensor formats.

VAPIR lenses offer the highest sensitivity (f/1.5) of any commercially available MWIR lens systems. Corrected and optimized for the narrowband where gas emissions are observable, this attention to detail improves performance. Lightweight, passively athermalized, fixed focus designs for unmanned platforms are also available.

For smaller, lighter optical lens assemblies and requirements, the Z Series and
F.L.O.A.T. Series (Feather Light Opto-mechanical Advanced Technology) are available in a variety of off-the-shelf or custom designs.

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