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Aesthetic laser manufacturing

Outstanding quality, performance and longevity for aesthetic and cosmetic laser device applications.

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Consumers are seeking more sophisticated, less invasive, pain-free beauty therapies, fueling a growth in demand for aesthetic laser devices. In a competitive market, we enable you to innovate and accelerate to keep pace.

Our expertise in laser optics, flexible production capacity and in-house crystal capability delivers higher quality, longer product lifetime and better value for device manufacturers and OEMs.

How G&H works in aesthetic lasers

Working with skin requires precision and control. Our aesthetic laser solutions are underpinned by world-class photonics engineering design and the highest standards of manufacturing production to deliver greater accuracy, reliability and effectiveness.

G&H is actively developing products specifically designed for aesthetic laser applications, including:

  • Hair removal
  • Skin resurfacing and rejuvenation
  • Tattoo removal
  • Treatment of pigmented and vascular lesions, e.g. melasma

Overcoming technical challenges

Our products enable greater optical powers or pulse energies in lasers due to a high Intrinsic Contrast Ratio (ICR)/Voltage Contrast Ratio (VCR) in mass production. We help you overcome technical challenges, such as where the piezo-optical effect is limiting the performance of your laser. We draw on world-renown engineering expertise from our facilities across the UK and the USA to problem solve and leverage the best results for your project.

Where you need to accelerate time to market cost-effectively, we support standard version rapid prototyping. We even have a full-service R&D, device design and contract manufacturing capability to take your project from planning to production.

Durable products and custom solutions

When standard solutions aren’t suitable, we develop custom acousto-optic and Pockels cell solutions to meet your aesthetic laser needs. We bake longevity and reliability into the design and manufacture of every component, enabling our customers to reduce maintenance costs while improving accuracy. By providing better value over the product lifetime, we help our customers to become more competitive.

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Product and technology development offered by G&H

Our product development in key laser technologies spans more than 50 years, including capabilities simply not available to other photonics manufacturers. By controlling every aspects of production, from crystal growing to custom interfaces, we ensure the highest standards on the market.

Components and submodules

Pockels cells

  • Our own KD*P crystals grown in the USA to assure supply
  • Best-in-class 99% KD*P, allowing for low loss to increase the operating power range
  • Market-leading intrinsic contrast ratio of > 4000:1 and voltage contrast ratio of >3500:1
  • A < λ /10 transmitted wavefront distortion and a LIDT >10 J/cm2 (1064 nm, 10 ns, 10 Hz), enabling higher pulse energies
  • Nitrogen backfilled to ensure longer lifetime
  • Standard product range for wavelengths from UV to IR (200 nm -12 μm)
  • Alexandrite, Ruby, Dye, Ti:Sapphire, Nd:YAG options available


  • Market-leading ultralow-loss acousto-optic Q-switches with high extinction ratio
  • Fiber and free space version
  • Pulse Pickers

Nonlinear crystals for frequency conversion

  • Bare nonlinear crystals
  • Submodules supplied for rapid integration into custom instrumentation

Intracavity mirrors and polarizers

  • Superpolished ultralow-loss laser-mirrors for common aesthetic laser wavelengths (e.g. 755 nm) to increase the output power by minimizing undesired cavity losses
  • Thin film polarizers specifically designed to work with Pockels cells and laser mirrors to maximize the laser performance

Electronic interfaces/drivers

  • Several pre-engineered OEM driver options
  • Custom interfaces to meet specific aesthetic laser requirements
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Systems and instruments

  • OEM device manufacturing capability in partnership with G&H | ITL
  • Contract R&D to support innovation in aesthetic laser technologies

Certifications registrations and standards

  • ISO 9001 quality management
  • ISO 13485 medical devices quality management system
  • FDA-21 CFR Part 820, registered medical device design manufacturer
  • 2017/745 MDR and 2017/746 IVDR, CE marking process for medical and in vitro diagnostic devices
  • Capabilities to design and manufacture Class I, IIa, IIb, and III medical devices and all classes of IVD medical devices
  • NRTL accreditation
  • NMPA/CFDA, China regulatory requirements
  • IEC 62304, medical device software development
  • IEC 60601/61010/61326, safety and EMC
  • IEC 62366, medical device usability analysis and development
  • ISO 14971, risk management