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G&H Pockels Cells

Pockels cells operate by applying a voltage across an electro-optic crystal, which alters the phase of the transmitted light in proportion to the voltage applied.

Different wavelengths, average powers, repetition rates, and geometries require different Pockels cells, and decades of electro-optic device design and crystal growing enable our comprehensive range of Pockels cells to operate with high performance at maximum efficiency over a wide range of parameters.

An important property of Pockels cells is the half-wave voltage, which is the voltage where the polarization of a properly oriented linearly polarized beam is effectively rotated by 90° and is related to the electro-optic coefficient of the crystal. We offer power supplies to achieve half-wave voltages in our Pockels cells, as well as Pockels cells of other designs.

Another parameter of the Pockels cell is whether it is driven longitudinally or transversely, which is dependent upon the crystal species.

Transversely driven cells

Transversely driven crystals benefit from the electrodes not being in the path of the light, and the driving voltage required to achieve half-wave voltage increases with the crystal aperture size, as well as depending upon the crystal geometry. This can reduce system complexity and size because the half-wave voltage can be lowered by reducing the distance between electrodes or using a longer crystal. BBO (Beta-barium borate) and CdTe (Cadmium telluride) Pockels cells utilize this design (Chiron and IRX series cells).

Longitudinally driven crystals

Longitudinally driven crystals benefit from the drive voltage being independent of aperture size, allowing larger apertures to be realized. In order to avoid obstructing the aperture with the electrodes, G&H uses cylindrical ring electrodes on the circumference of the crystal. KDP/KD*P (Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate/Potassium Dideuterium Phosphate) Pockels cells use this design (QX, CQX, IMPACT, and TX series cells).

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