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IRX Series Pockels Cells product image

IRX Pockels Cells

Specifically designed for mid IR operations at repetition rates up to 100 kHz, the IRX series is a desirable option for Pockels cells, utilizing a patented design for enhanced lifetime and power handling and a choice of active apertures from 3 – 9 mm.

Full Product Description
Optical material:
7.0–12 µm
Contrast Ratio:
Active Aperture:
3–9 mm
Repetition Rate:
100 kHz
Single Pass Distortion:
< λ / 4 @ 10.6 µm
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Product description

Initially designed to address the Q-switched CO2 laser market at 10.6 µm with both intrinsic and voltage contrast ratios greater than 500:1, the IRX series is able to address applications beyond the spectral range of traditional oxide Pockels cells. CdTe, the primary crystal for the IRX series, is well suited to this purpose as it has a high electro-optic coefficient and is non-hygroscopic. In addition, the CdTe crystal is encased with G&H’s patented design that isolates the crystal from the exterior environment and water-cooled designs are available to increase the average power handling capacity.

We utilize proprietary techniques for crystal growing, fabrication, and polishing techniques to provide reliable, high- performing CdTe Pockels Cells in the IRX series.


Water-cooled options available


Q-switching of CO2 lasers for medical surgery and aesthetics, industrial machining, military defense, semiconductor manufacturing

Key features

  • Non-hygroscopic CdTe crystal with high electro-optic coefficient and low optical absorption
  • Wavelength operation from 7 µm – 12 µm with repetition rate up to 100 kHz
  • Available with apertures ranging from 3-10 mm
  • AR coated or Brewster-cut crystals available
  • Operation from 3 μm-12 μm up to 100 kHz
  • Patent pending environmental control and high power water cooled option


Optical materialCdTe
Wavelength7.0–12 µm
Contrast Ratio>500:1
Active Aperture3–9 mm
Repetition Rate100 kHz
Single pass insertion loss @ 10.6 µm< 2%
Voltage contrast ratio (VCR) @ 10.6 µm (parallel polarizers)> 500:1
Single Pass Distortion< λ / 4 @ 10.6 µm
Capacitance (DC)~ 6 pF
DC quarter-wave voltage2 -4.5 kV
10-90% rise time (theoretical) into 50 Ω line ~0.3 ns
LIDT (1 mm diameter, 2.94 µm, 2 Hz, 100 ns)2.3 J/cm²
Operating temperature15°–35° C
Storage temperature-55°–85° C
HumidityNon-condensing environment
Duty cycle< 10% in 1 s (applied voltage time/total time)

Typical specificationsIRX3IRX4 IRX5IRX7IRX9
Aperture diameters3 mm4 mm5 mm7 mm9 mm
DC quarter-wave voltage (±6%) @ 10.6 µm 2 kV 2.5 kV3 kV3.5 kV4.5 kV