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Impact Series Pockels Cells product image

Impact Pockel Cells

More than 98.5% transmission over the 300–1100 nm wavelength range with active apertures ranging 8–13 mm, and an intrinsic contrast ratio of >4000:1.

Full Product Description
Optical material:
Material purity:
300–1100 nm
Contrast Ratio:
Active Aperture:
8–13 mm
Repetition Rate:
1 kHz
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Product description

Historically the Impact series was the first affordable high-end Pockels Cell for flashlamp-pumped lasers, and today it offers market-leading Q-switching and pulse-picking properties with its combination of an intrinsic contrast ratio of >4000:1 at 1064 nm and a voltage contrast ratio of greater than 3500:1 at 1064 nm.

The Impact series utilizes the finest strain-free, highly deuterated KD*P available on the market, grown in our facility in Cleveland, OH, USA. The low loss KD*P crystal, as well as high damage threshold solgel and dielectric AR coatings, results in high optical damage resistance Pockels cell, needed for reliable laser intracavity use.

The sealed, nitrogen-filled, compact design with ceramic apertures and premium UV-grade fused silica windows ensures high transmission and contrast ratios over its long lifetime. The housing of the Pockels cell incorporates standard pin-type HV connectors that provide a quick connection for simplified system design and assembly.


Threaded HV connectors


Q-switching, Pulse-picking, Attenuation, Power control

Key features

  • Highest purity KD*P 99% grown by G&H in the USA.
  • Intrinsic contrast ratio >4000:1 (37 dB intracavity loss when flashlamp-pumping)
  • Voltage contrast ratio >3500:1 (34 dB pulse picking efficiency)
  • LIDT >10 J/cm² (1064 nm, 10 ns pulse length, 10 Hz repetition rate)
  • Nitrogen backfilled ensuring long lifetime


Optical materialKD*P
Material purity99%
Wavelength300–1100 nm
Contrast Ratio>4000:1
Active Aperture8–13 mm
Repetition Rate1 kHz
Single pass insertion loss<1% @ 1064 nm
Voltage contrast ratio (VCR)>3500:1 @ 1064 nm (parallel polarizers)
Single Pass Distortion<λ/10 @ 1064 nm
Capacitance (DC)6 pF
DC quarter-wave voltage3.5 kV @ 1064 nm
LIDT> 10 J/cm² (1064 nm, 10 ns pulse, 10 Hz, 1 mm diameter)

Series specifications

Typical specificationsImpact 8Impact 9Impact 10Impact 13
Hard aperture diameter8 mm 9.25 mm10 mm 13 mm
10-90% rise time (theoretical) into 50 Ω line0.8 ns0.9 ns1.1 ns 1.1 ns