Precision Optic Capabilities

PO Capabilities

G&H’s precision optics group encompasses five operations, located in the UK and the US. Each operation is focused on expanding and developing its unique capabilities:

Across our facilities, we have experience and qualifications to serve our customers in defense, metrology, and medical sectors:

  • Export regulation compliant
  • ITAR compliant
  • ISO 9001 registered
  • AS 9100 registered

Non-linear optical crystal growth

Beginning with the raw chemicals we grow, orient, fabricate, finish, coat, and mount: beta-barium borate (BBO), cadmium sulfide (CdS), cadmium selenide (CdSe), potassium di-hydrogen Phosphate (KDP), potassium di-deuterium phosphate (KD*P), lithium niobate (LnNbO3— often referred to as LN), and tellurium dioxide (TeO2).


G&H has supplied superpolished optics to NASA’s Mars Curiosity mission and to international synchrotron experiments. Superpolished materials include N-BK7 optical glass, calcium fluoride, crystal quartz, fused silica, Nd:YAG, sapphire, silicon carbide, YAG and ZERODUR®.


G&H has four factories with thin film optical coating chambers, two based in the USA and two in the UK, offering coating based on the following coating technologies and coating types:

Thermal evaporationAnti-reflection (AR)
V-coats, double-V coats & broadband?AR
Electron beam gun evaporation (E-Beam)High-reflection (HR)
Ion assisted E-beam deposition (IAD)Metallic & Dielectric Mirrors
Ion beam sputtering (IBS)Bandpass filters: shortpass and longpass
Beamsplitters: polarizing and non-polarizing

Adhesive-free Bonding

Our adhesive-free bonding process, Hy-Per Bond™, activates precision optical surfaces prior to joining them, forming permanent bonds between the components that are resistant to humidity and cryogenic temperatures.