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TX series pockels cells product image

TX Pockels cells

The largest Pockels cell in our repertoire, the TX series has an active aperture up to 99 mm and operates in the 300–1300 nm wavelength range at repetition rates up to 1 kHz.

Full Product Description
Optical material:
Material purity:
300–1300 nm
Contrast Ratio:
Active Aperture:
19.5–99.0 mm
Repetition Rate:
1 kHz
Single Pass Distortion:
< λ/20
Price Point:
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Product description

The TX Pockels cell series represents the most advanced large aperture optical isolators commercially available and incorporates state-of-the-art features, such as specially modified cylindrical-ring electrode geometries for optimum aperture extinction and transmission uniformity and minimum optical path length. It is the only Pockels cell series to feature axially adjustable windows to control spacing between the windows and the crystal and differential screws for arc-second adjustment of windows parallelism or net wedge.

The TX Pockels cells offer an intrinsic contrast ratio that is greater than 8000:1 at 1064 nm.


99% Deuterated KD*P available in certain sizes


Q switching and optical isolators in petawatt/terawatt lasers for applications such as nuclear fusion and microlithography

Key features

  • Axially adjustable windows for sub-millimeter control of window/crystal spacing
  • 224 TPI differential screws for arc-second adjustment of input/output windows parallelism
  • Double fill/drain ports for easy fluid draining or refilling
  • Individually accessible crystal faces for convenient inspection or cleaning
  • 50 Ω transmission line drive configuration is standard
  • Precision-milled and epoxy-free for clean assembly
  • A range of apertures available


Optical materialKD*P
Material purity95%¹
Wavelength300–1300 nm
Contrast Ratio>8000:1
Active Aperture19.5–99.0 mm
Repetition Rate1 kHz
Single pass insertion loss< 3.5 – 7% (@ 1064 nm)
Voltage contrast ratio (VCR)> 2500:1 (@ 1064 nm, parallel polarizers)
Single Pass Distortion< λ/20
Capacitance (DC)23-115 pF
DC quarter-wave voltage3.2-3.9 kV @ 1064 nm
LIDT> 10 J/cm² (1064 nm, 10 ns pulse, 10 Hz, 1 mm diameter)
Price Point$$$$$

Typical SpecificationsTX2042TX2650TX3460TX5065TX7595TX100D
Hard aperture19.5 mm25.5 mm 33.5 mm49.5 mm73.5 mm99.0 mm
Single pass insertion loss @ 1064 nm< 3.5% < 4%< 5%< 5%< 6.5%< 7%
DC quarter wave voltage @ 1064 nm3.2 kV3.2 kV3.4 kV3.5 kV3.7 kV3.9 kV
Capacitance @ 1 kHz 23 pF27 pF32 pF56 pF86 pF115 pF
10-90% risetime1 ns<2 ns2 ns3 ns 5 ns7 ns

¹ 99% deuterated KD*P and UV-grade KDP also available in certain sizes. Please inquire.