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Precision optics for electro-optic target designation, illumination, range-finding and fire control systems


As a global leader in photonics technology, G&H is committed to providing its customers with high-quality build-to-print products that meet their specific needs while also ensuring compliance with all ITAR regulations. G&H's products are eligible for procurement by the US government department and agencies, ensuring that its customers have access to the latest photonics technology to support their critical missions.

"We are thrilled to offer compliant build-to-print precision optics solutions for electro-optic target designation, illumination, rangefinding, and fire control systems to our customers in the aerospace and defense industries. Our expertise in materials science, coating technology, and optical design enable us to create solutions that are optimized for the specific requirements of each application. Our commitment to quality and reliability means that our customers can trust our products to perform at the highest levels, even in the most challenging environments," Frank Weiss, Senior VP of Aerospace & Defense of G&H.

Precision Prisms©️ G&H

G&H has a long-standing history of supporting U.S. Department of Defense prime and subcontractors for USML fire control, aiming, detection, guidance, and tracking systems. We support these customers through:

  • Compliance with international export regulations
  • Quality accreditations
  • Commitment to continuous improvement
  • Maximum security of supply
  • Adherence to demanding technical specifications
  • Low-cost sourcing for uncontrolled components

G&H's precision optics capability for aerospace and defense applications in the US market is supported by the company's state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and its team of experienced engineers and technicians. The company's commitment to quality is demonstrated by its ITAR compliance and ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certifications.

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G&H Precision Optics

G&H produces an extensive range of precision optical components and subsystems, which are processed and coated in-house to cover a wide spectral range from visible through UV to LWIR.

G&H has a structured set of equipment and processes that enable a significant precision optics capability. We have consolidated our facilities and added new machinery to create a cutting-edge precision optics manufacturing hub. This allows us to offer competitive pricing for standalone precision optical components, mounted optics, integrated subassemblies, and full imaging/relay modules.

Our knowledge of optical and mechanical properties of materials, combined with the ability to handle all aspects of component manufacture, ensures the highest quality products with precise optical finishes and high-quality AR, HR, broadband, and narrowband in-house coatings.

The precision optics products for laser cavity and beam conditioning include active and passive components as well as nonlinear crystals. Our custom lenses and housed subassemblies find application in transmission and imaging.

Technician controlling the profile of a precision optics component at G&H Ilminster©️ Private

Specialist Processes

Customers can benefit from enhanced specifications to maximize performance and extend design boundaries in areas such as profiling of complex shapes, optical performance, single-point correction, surface finish/roughness, and precise machining

Key specialist processes:

Inspecting a prism at G&H Ilminster©️ Prism inspection

Optical Coatings

Unlike many optics manufacturers, we both manufacture and coat our optics under one roof. This integration allows for a much greater control over the finished optic and ensures continuity of supply. We have a large portfolio of standard in-house optical coatings from UV to LWIR, delivering exceptional spectral performance for AR/HEAR/Tx/Rx/HLDT components.

UV, Visible, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR, and Broadband Options

At a systems level, our lens assemblies are specifically designed for operation at target wavelength ranges, leveraging the benefits of new, high pixel count detectors. Considered selection of lens system parameters, materials, and coatings improve resolution, accuracy, and transmission; factors which are critical in low light, environmentally challenging situations.

UV and visible lenses are provided either build-to-print or custom assembly designed by the G&H engineering teams. Lens complexity can be as simple as a singlet in a housing to large-diameter zoom lenses. Coatings are optimized for sensor and design criteria (narrow or broadband).

Missile Seeker Applications

Missile seekers rely on highly accurate and stable precision optics to ensure that the missile accurately homes in on its target. G&H produces a range of optical components to shape, focus, and direct light, enabling missile seekers to precisely track and engage their targets. G&H’s specialized expertise, advanced equipment, and rigorous quality control processes allow for reliable, consistent performance in extreme environments.

G&H Precision Optics for Missile Seekers:

  • Lenses
  • Prisms
  • Mirrors
  • Waveplates
  • Seeker head subassemblies
  • Mounted windows
Laser rangefinder and reconnaissance systemLaser rangefinder and reconnaissance system

Laser Rangefinder Applications

Precision optics are essential components in laser rangefinders, which rely on precise and accurate measurements for distance. Our precision optics can withstand intense laser beams while delivering high transmission rates and low scatter. G&H’s advanced materials, specialized coatings, and high-precision manufacturing processes ensure peak laser rangefinder performance.

G&H Precision Optics for Laser Rangefinders:

  • HR coated rod with side aperture and front facet
  • Diode bars mounted in tandem
  • AR coated sapphire window hermetically sealed to package
  • Passive Q-switch/output coupler
  • Pulse rate controlled by diode driver with external shutdown circuit using InGaAs PD
  • Hermetically sealed
US Army helicopter with weapons, sitting on a runway

Target Designation and Illumination Applications

Target designation and illumination are used in a wide variety of applications, including military, law enforcement, and surveillance operations. G&H designs and manufactures high-quality precision optics that can provide clear and precise images of targets and long distances, even in low light conditions. Enhance situational awareness, improve targeting accuracy, and increase operational effectiveness with G&H precision optics.

G&H Precision Optics for Target Designation and Illumination:

  • Precision optical components
  • EO VIS/SWIR/MWIR/LWIR lenses and lens assemblies

Airborne Operations Applications

G&H manufactures precision optics for turrets, gimbals, pods, and mutli-sensor EO systems used in Laser Frequency Radiation Detection (LFRD), surveillance, and countermeasure applications. G&H’s optical systems are designed to provide high accuracy, stability, and reliability for detecting, tracking, and analyzing laser signals in the air. Our precision optics ensure the safety and effectiveness of airborne operations.

G&H Precision Optics for Airborne Operations:

  • Precision optical components
  • VIS/SWIR/MWIR/LWIR/broadband assemblies
    • Fixed FOV
    • Switchable FOV
    • Continuous zoom
  • AR/DLC/ITO and high LDT coatings
  • Windows
  • Domes
  • VIS/IR/multispectral materials
    • Sapphire, silicon
    • Ge, ZnS, ZnSe, Cleartran
    • N-BK7, fused silica