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QX1014A short path length Pockels cell

Operating in the 300–1100 nm wavelength range having reduced nonlinear self-focusing in higher peak power applications as well as reduced temporal pulse broadening in ultrafast applications.

Full Product Description
300–1100 nm
Active Aperture:
8 mm
Contrast Ratio:
Repetition Rate:
10 kHz
Optical transmission:
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Product description

Short path length components reduce nonlinear self-focusing in higher peak power applications and temporal pulse broadening in femtosecond

These Pockels cells offer a voltage contrast ratio that is greater than 1200:1 at 633 nm and has a compact design with robust ceramic apertures and premium UV-grade fused silica windows for high transmission and contrast ratio.

Employs broadband, high damage threshold solgel AR coating for improved durability and performance. All units are tested for optic and electric function and are supplied with a QA inspection report and suggested alignment procedures.

Key features

  • Solid-state – solgel coated crystal
  • Highest available (>98% in the crystal) deuteration levels
  • G&H grown KD*P crystal
  • Adhesive/epoxy-free assembly
  • Premium UV-grade fused silica windows
  • Lowest absorption in the industry
  • Economical upgrade/rebuild program
  • Highest optical damage resistance
  • Test documentation with each device
  • One-year limited warranty


Wavelength300–1100 nm
Active Aperture8 mm
Contrast Ratio>1200:1
Repetition Rate10 kHz
Voltage contrast ratio (VCR)>450:1
Optical transmission>98%
DC half-wave voltage≤3.8kV
Transmitted wavefront error≤λ/8